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a British cabinet singles out African countries for their “sovereignty” – RT in French

Some countries on the African continent, particularly coveted for their rich natural resources, are listed as bad performers in a British report aimed at foreign investors.

In an article published on March 5, the pan-African weekly Young Africa reports that the British firm Verisk Maplecroft published a report pinning African countries for their “sovereignty”, a trend which would make the continuation of extractive activities of foreign investors “uncertain and less fruitful”.

Entitled “Ranking of African countries according to their risk of” nationalism of natural resources “”, the recent document particularly points to four African countries which “are among the ten worst performers on the planet”: Tanzania (2nd in the world) , Zambia (4th), Zimbabwe (5th) and the DRC (9th) would thus be reluctant to satisfy the appetite of international investors for the extraction of wealth from their soil.

“Confiscatory policies”, “hostile[ité] to investments’ …

Explaining having exclusively obtained the document produced by the British cabinet, the weekly also notes that some of these countries, such as Tanzania or Zimbabwe, are respectively pinned for “quasi-confiscatory mining tax policies” and “hostile”.[ité] foreign mining investments in gold and diamonds ”.

Among “the bad pupils” identified by Verisk Maplecroft, the cabinet says it is pessimistic about the capacity of the DRC to “soften the sovereignist rhetoric in vogue in Kinshasa”.

In a report with diametrically opposed tones, the International Institute for Sustainable Development denounced at the end of 2019 “the greed of large industrial groups, and even of foreign countries” in the growing grabbing of African land. “Africa is undoubtedly the continent best endowed with natural resources [mais elle] nonetheless remains the poorest on the planet, ”the document further recalled.

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