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A bill seeks to fight discrimination based on stress

The law already punishes discrimination based on origin, sex or disability, among others. A bill could soon add another reason: the accent, likely to constitute an obstacle, in particular to employment, for “Audible minorities”.

The measure, supported by the deputy for Hérault Christophe Euzet, is part of texts that the Agir group, allied with the majority, must present, Thursday, November 26, as part of its “Niche”, a niche reserved for groups to promote their own proposals or resolutions. The National Assembly’s Law Commission validated it on November 18, paving the way for a possible adoption in the hemicycle at first reading on Thursday.

“At a time when minorities visiblebenefit from the legitimate concern of public authorities, minorities audible are the big forgotten of the social contract based on equality ”, pleads Mr Euzet in his explanatory memorandum.

His proposal therefore aims to add a single word, “Accent”, to the long list of the causes of discrimination sanctioned by the penal code as well as the labor code: origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, surname, political opinion, trade union membership, religious belief, etc. The proposal wants to promote “The diversity of pronunciation of the French language”, in “Prohibiting discrimination by accent that we see factually in functions involving, in particular, public expression “.

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“Smoothed uniformity” of public expression

M. Euzet judge ” essential “, in this “Period of doubt as to the cohesion of the territories which found the nation, to send a strong sign of recognition, by promoting the revaluation of pronunciations atypical.

“Accents have no right of the city on radio and television channels, in the political world and at the head of major functions, administrations or French public companies”, assures the deputy. “Our nation, which is often pleased with the great diversity of its land, is therefore paradoxically saddened by the smooth uniformity of its public expression”, deplores the elected native of Perpignan and the southern accent.

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Among the texts of the “Niche” of the Agir group validated in committee, a bill by Paul Christophe (North) aims to improve the conditions of parental presence with a child suffering from a serious pathology.

Currently, 310 days are provided for in the context of parental presence leave (CPP) and the daily parental presence allowance (AJPP), within the limit of three years. For the case requiring a longer presence, the text proposes to renew this period, “Making it possible to double the number of days available for parents”. This measure “Pragmatic and humanist” received the green light from all the political groups in the Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee, with a view to its adoption on 26 November.

Another bill, submitted by Dimitri Houbron (North) and validated in committee, contains a series of measures intended to “Improve local justice”, in order to make “More effective criminal responses constituted by alternatives to prosecution” decided by a prosecutor.

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