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A 28-year-old woman dressed as a teenager walked into a high school to promote her Instagram.  Now she faces charges

A 28-year-old woman put on a backpack, grabbed a skateboard, and went to her local high school with one goal: to gain Instagram followers. Now she faces charges, according to CBS Miami.

Audrey Nicole Francisquini entered Miami American High School on Monday disguised as a student. Francisquini didn’t necessarily try to blend in with the crowd – she stood out by handing out flyers promoting her Instagram account, according to a police report.

Francisquini filmed herself on her cell phone as she walked around the school, asking students to follow her on social media, police said. The real students went to class and the impostor was confronted with the safety of the school. She said she was looking for the registry office.

After being confronted, Francisquini continued to walk around and talk to the students as they tried to enter the classrooms. She was confronted again and still refused to stop.

The school administration was told of a “potential threat to campus,” but Francisquini escaped security and administrators.

She left by a side door leading to the parking lot of the faculty. However, investigators found Francisquini’s Instagram account and found her at her home where she was taken into custody.

She was charged with burglary, meddling in an educational institution and resisting an officer without violence.

CBS News has contacted Miami-Dade County Public Schools and is awaiting a response.

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