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90,000 police and gendarmes mobilized, the fight against sacrificed delinquency?  – RT in French

The UPNI association and the France Police union are warning: if 90,000 police officers and gendarmes are assigned to control health measures, isn’t crime likely to ignite while the security forces are looking elsewhere?

“On motorway tolls, in stations, in airports” … According to a statement by the Minister of the Interior traveling in Gironde on March 25, 90,000 police officers and gendarmes were deployed in 19 departments, then in throughout the national territory in order to enforce the new confinement announced by the Presidency of the Republic, and therefore to verbalize any offenders.

What is at stake for the security forces? Is the commitment the same as in March 2020 for civil servants and soldiers faced with this mission, which is sometimes far removed from the ideals that made them choose this security profession?

Association police officers and trade unionists, for their part, believe that the cut is full and that the missions requested of them do not correspond to the real needs of the population.

UPNI field cops sound the alarm

In a press release, the Union of Independent National Police Officers (UPNI) reacted vigorously to the announcement of the deployment of 90,000 members of the security forces to enforce the new health rules extended to the entire territory: “While the 90,000 bearers of swords will chase applicants on the beautiful roads of France what do you think will happen elsewhere? Will the earth stop spinning? Not at all. And they will be missing elsewhere, rest assured. Where it will be necessary, for example, to make findings of burglaries, very numerous in this period during which the good people leave the city centers. Respond to multiple police-emergency calls. It will take patience. Suppress road crime (the real one). But above all, to respond to the challenges launched by rival gangs who wage war against each other from one neighborhood to another, to the chagrin of a population that suffers from real scenes of urban guerrilla warfare. And on this last point, the executive can only offer a pitiful record. ”

Reached by RT France, Jean-Pierre Colombiès, former police commander and spokesperson for this association of angry police officers, adds over the phone: “In any case, it’s a pipe, everyone in the police knows that we cannot mobilize so many officials at the same time over time. They have other things to do and in addition, the vast majority of French people respect the sanitary rules! It is better to mobilize the 90,000 police and gendarmes elsewhere, there there is a real need. If they want ideas for priority sectors, we can give them some. Darmanin would be well advised to talk about it with his Minister of Justice, because when the Keeper of the Seals evokes the “feeling of insecurity”, at some point, things start to go away! The French are annoyed. ”

Is the Beauvau / Vendôme tandem functional?

And the former policeman deplored a police / justice “tandem” that he would like to be more efficient: “The Ministries of the Interior and of Justice must operate in tandem. I see television set guests crying over the fate of Bernard Tapie and his wife who were home-jackés [braqués] at home, but the French must understand that it happens every day in their country and that sometimes the elderly die from the blows of the aggressors … These same individuals who reoffend again and again without going to the hole! “

I have never heard a single colleague tell me that he enjoyed doing that, everyone is on edge, even at home!

The France Police union abounds with a press release for the “politicized police” deployed by the government and denounces health measures “totally impossible to enforce”, citing as an example the bans on alcohol consumption outside and gatherings at more. of six people or the ten kilometer rule: “90,000 police and gendarmes are deployed on the territory not to fight against those who deal, violent, loot, kidnap, assault, steal, torture etc. ”, but to enforce the rules of confinement. And to throw a pavement in the pond: “By drawing up 300,000 tickets since May 18, 2020, many of our colleagues today feel like Covid tax collectors!”

For France Police, police officers do not like health control missions

Contacted by RT France, Antoine Villedieu, national secretary of the France Police union, specifies: “What we would really like to make people understand is that the controls are imposed on us, the police … sometimes even the prefects are move to the site of the controls. “

And to deplore the effect of these checks within the forces: “In all honesty I have never heard a single colleague tell me that he took pleasure in doing that, everyone is on edge, even at home!”

Antoine Boitel

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