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8 rescued off Florida coast after being at sea for 16 days, sheriff says

Eight people were rescued off the coast of Florida this week after being at sea for more than 16 days, according to a Facebook post from a local sheriff’s office.

The message identified those rescued as Cuban immigrants, six men and two pregnant women, whose makeshift ship capsized.

Martin County and St. Lucia County Sheriffs both received calls Sunday evening about a ship trying to get south of Waveland Beach in St. Lucia County.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office yesterday shared on its Facebook page a video of its helicopter, Air1, locating the makeshift vessel.

Video captured the moment a wave threw passengers into the water.

Members of Parliament, firefighters and civilians were able to pull the eight out of the water.

All were taken to local hospitals and were in stable condition at the time of publication.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued three people after their boat capsized and they were stranded for 33 days on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, making it the Guard’s second rescue mission. ribs this month.

Local officials said federal authorities would decide whether or not to take immigration action against the eight.

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