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72 people arrested during the national mobilization of July 31 against the health pass – RT in French

According to a new report from the Ministry of the Interior, 72 people were arrested across the country during demonstrations against the health pass that took place on July 31.

The demonstrations against the health pass which gathered on July 31 more than 200,000 people gave rise to 72 arrests throughout France, according to a new assessment of the Ministry of the Interior on August 1.

There were 26 arrests in Paris, where three members of the security forces were injured, according to the ministry. Among those arrested in the capital, 25, including two minors, were placed in police custody, suspected in particular of violence against the police, of “participating in a group with a view to committing violence or degradation” or again for contempt, rebellion or possession of explosive devices.

For this third consecutive Saturday of demonstrations against the health pass at the heart of the summer holidays, the mobilization has increased. Last week, they had been 161,000 pounding the pavement, including 11,000 in Paris, and 110,000 a week earlier, according to official figures.

In Paris, Marseille or Lyon and in dozens of cities, motley processions marched in an atmosphere that is sometimes good-natured, sometimes virulent. To the cries of “freedom, freedom” chanted in most of the parades were added essentially slogans hostile to the President of the Republic and to the media.

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