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6’3″, 215 Trump hits back at Liz Cheney: I ‘ate too much!’

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Donald Trump — who infamously claimed he was 6’3″ and weighed 215 pounds — attempted to set the record straight with former Rep. Liz Cheney on Monday, insisting he was not depressed after his 2020 election defeat. He was just hungry.

In Cheney’s book Oath and honorwhich comes out Tuesday, she says her former colleague Kevin McCarthy told him he visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago because Trump was so “depressed” after January 6 that he wouldn’t eat. Trump hit back Monday.

“Crazy Liz Cheney, who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome on a level rarely seen before, writes in her annoying new book that Kevin McCarthy said he came to Mar-a-Lago after the rigged election because “ the former president was depressed and not eating.’ This statement is not true,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I wasn’t depressed, I was angry, and it wasn’t that I wasn’t eating, it was that I was eating too much.”

Trump’s Truth Social rant refers to a scene in Cheney’s book where she has a conversation with McCarthy, who said he had just visited Trump in Florida.

“Mar-à-Lago?” What’s going on, Kevin? » asked Cheney.

“They’re really worried,” McCarthy reportedly responded. “Trump doesn’t eat, so they asked me to come see him.”

“What? You went to Mar-a-Lago because Trump doesn’t eat?” Cheney said.

“Yeah, he’s really depressed,” McCarthy replied.

Cheney was one of the only some republicans reject Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was rigged against him. As a result, the party turned against her and she ended up losing her 2022 re-election campaign in the primaries.

Before leaving office, Cheney worked as vice president of the January 6 House Investigative Committee. Since leaving the Capitol, Cheney has remained steadfast in her opposition to Trump. His upcoming book describes him as “the most dangerous man to ever inhabit the Oval Office.” The book also criticizes his former colleagues for their “cowardice” and their willingness to “violate their oath to the Constitution.” loyalty to Trump.

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