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6 Capitol police suspended, 35 under investigation following the Capitol riot

United States Capitol Police suspended six officers with pay following January 6 riot at the US Capitol, and the department has been investigating the actions of 35 police officers since that day, Capitol Police said on Friday.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Capitol Police said: “Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has ordered that any member of his department whose behavior does not comply with the department’s rules of conduct be subjected to appropriate discipline. “.

Capitol Police suspended two police officers in January, according to Rep. Tim Ryan, the Ohio Democrat who chairs the House appropriations committee. One of the suspended officers was seen taking selfies with rioters, and another donned a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hat during the attack, Ryan said.

The Capitol Police announcement comes amid internal divisions, as officers continue to criticize leaders for leaving them off guard on January 6. On Tuesday, the union that represents thousands of Capitol Police officers announced a vote of no confidence in the senior leadership of the Capitol Police. The union said 92% of Capitol Hill police officers voted they did not trust Pittman.

Pittman became interim chief following the resignation of former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund just a day after the violent protests. Sund mentionned on 60 Minutes last month, “No leader wants to see their officers go through what they’ve been through.”

Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick has died after being injured during the riot. Four civilians also died, including a woman who was killed by police.

In a statement provided to CBS News, Capitol Police Union President Gus Papathanasiou said the investigations “appear to be an attempt by USCP senior management to distract from their significant leadership failures. of January 6 “, failures which left the officers unawares. “This is just a witch hunt on the part of the Department’s top leaders and a continuation of the systemic failures that persist at the top. I think it is disgusting that the Department leaders are even investigating more than 35 officers due to the immediate failures of the USCP leadership as they attempt to point fingers at the officers who were applauded by Congress last week. “

Lawmakers have expressed support for the Capitol Police in the wake of the riots, and Constable Eugene Goodman received the Congressional Medal for keeping rioters away from the Senate chamber.

Papathanasiou said last month in a statement provided to CBS8: “Between the USCP and our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Department, we have nearly 140 officers injured. I have officers who did not have helmets before the ‘attack who suffered brain damage. A policeman. has two cracked ribs and two broken spinal discs. One officer will lose his eye and another has been stabbed with a metal fence post. “

Former Department of Homeland Security secretary Chad Wolf told CBS News on Thursday that Capitol Police received intelligence suggesting there was an increased threat on January 6. “Why they didn’t execute a plan, if they had a plan in place, to protect more I think the Capitol is an ongoing issue,” Wolf said.

Jeff Pegues, Nikole Killion and Michael Kaplan contributed to this story.


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