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58% of French people support the signatories, according to a survey – RT in French

In this study conducted by Harris, the majority of individuals questioned support the platform of the soldiers of the French army denouncing the “disintegration” of the country. Nearly half believe that France “will soon experience a civil war”.

A poll conducted on April 28 by Harris Interactive for LCI indicates that 58% of those questioned support the approach of the military signatories of the forum published on April 21 in the magazine Current values. This called on Emmanuel Macron to defend patriotism and denounced the “disintegration” which, according to them, is hitting the country.

According to this survey *, 58% of the people questioned support “rather” or “completely” the military signatories. A support that ranges from 36% among sympathizers of Europe ecology-The Greens to 86% among supporters of the National Rally, and which is explained by a convergence of views with the theses raised by the officers in their forum.

Indeed, more than 80% of those polled believe that “in certain towns and districts, the laws of the Republic do not apply” (86%) and that “violence is increasing day by day in France” (84 %).

Almost three-quarters of the individuals who responded to this survey also believe that there is “a form of anti-racism which produces hatred between communities” (74%) and that “French society is in the process of disintegrating” ( 73%).

For nearly half of the French surveyed, the country “will soon experience a civil war”

Consequently, nearly half of the individuals surveyed believe that France “will soon experience a civil war” (45%) and that “the army should intervene without being ordered to do so in order to guarantee order and security in France ”(49%).

This platform denounced by the left was launched by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, career officer and responsible for the Place d’Armes site, and was signed by “about twenty generals, a hundred senior officers and more than one a thousand other soldiers ”, according to Current values. According to the Huffington Post, the generals in question are “former generals, retired or removed from the French army for their political activities.” Their text sets out the reasons for the “disintegration” which, according to them, strikes the country: “A certain anti-racism is displayed with a single goal: to create on our soil a malaise, even hatred between the communities. […] Discrimination which, with Islamism and the suburban hordes, leads to the detachment of multiple plots of the nation to transform them into territories subject to dogmas contrary to our constitution […] Disintegration, because […] the authorities use the police as proxy agents and scapegoats in the face of French people in yellow vests expressing their despair. “

The Army Chief of Staff announced on April 28 that eighteen of these soldiers will go before a military council. The same day, several right-wing officials said they agreed with the “observation” of “disintegration” denounced by the military signatories of a forum in the magazine Valeursuelles, while distancing themselves from the process.

* Survey conducted on April 28, 2021, with a sample of 1,613 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over. Quota method and adjustment applied to the following variables: sex, age, socio-professional category and region of the interviewee.

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