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50% of cyberattacks carried out from the United States, Moscow calls to account – RT in French


Saying to take note of the “unfounded accusations” of “non-free” elections, the Russian embassy in the United States has called for an explanation for an unprecedented number of cyber attacks aimed, according to Moscow, to discredit the Russian electoral system .

In a statement issued on the evening of September 20, the Russian Embassy in the United States reacted to Washington’s accusations of the Russian parliamentary elections, which resulted in a large victory for the ruling United Russia party. Moscow is also wondering about possible interference attempts aimed at discrediting the ballot.

Claiming to take note of the “unfounded accusations” of the US State Department which referred to “non-free and non-transparent” elections, the embassy stresses that this election allowed “the expression of the will of the people in full compliance with domestic legislation and the norms of international law ”.

Moscow then specifies that the Russian Election Commission recorded an “unprecedented number of cyberattacks [dont] 50% were carried out precisely from the territory of the United States ”. Judging that the objective of these hacks is to “discredit” the Russian electoral system, the embassy concludes: “We wish to receive detailed explanations on this subject from the American side.”


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