5 Zodiac Signs With Excellent Horoscopes On April 22, 2024

Rise and shine, and let your heart make all the decisions this Monday! The energy is soft and supple for all who remain receptive to the goodness of the world. While five zodiac signs – Leo, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Aries – will have the best experiences of all, others are also encouraged to prioritize self-care.

First of all, Mercury retrograde conjunct the North Node in Aries is the main benefactor of this day. So don’t be surprised if an idea you thought wasn’t very good in the past suddenly becomes the right thing to do. Roll with the punches and adapt quickly. Life changes, and so do you!

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries and Moon in Libra adds weight to this message by reminding us that our soul’s path and purpose is not always easy to navigate and bake easy cupcakes every day. This does not mean that the results will not be satisfactory. Hold on and go all the way! You will surprise yourself and everyone.

We also have a Full Moon in Scorpio tomorrow. So, if you don’t have a lunar ritual planned, now is the time to gather your ingredients and set your magical manifestation intentions! The best things to focus on right now are those that will help you grow, thrive, and transform. Now let’s focus on the five zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for April 22, 2024.

Five zodiac signs experience excellent horoscopes on April 22, 2024:

1. Leo

Best Zodiac Sign to Work With: Aquarius and Aries

Best Area to Focus on: Pieces of the Puzzle

Best time of day: 2 a.m.

Leo, Monday’s energy is bright and lively for you. As long as you lean into your fun side and keep your anxieties at bay, you’ll be fine. You currently have cosmic forces supporting your success, especially if you are a public figure or a professional artist.

Interestingly, while all of this is happening, you’re also encouraged to search for clues to a mystery that has been haunting your life for some time now. It’s time to lift the veil and discover the truth. Alternatively, this energy literally encourages you to develop your patience by playing with puzzles.

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2. Cancer

Best Zodiac Sign to Work With: Leo

Best area to focus on: Self-care and sleep

Best time of day: 3 a.m.

Words and actions can tell two very different stories, Cancer. You are invited to pay attention to both Mondays and try to understand what is between these two. It’s a difficult challenge, but you have the cosmic forces on your side. Let karma take care of you!

You are also encouraged to focus on self-care and rest. The days ahead will bring many challenges and opportunities. You have to be at your best to do your best.

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3. Scorpio

Best Zodiac Sign to Work With: Taurus

Best area to focus on: Rain/crying

Best time of day: 5 p.m.

Monday is your day, Scorpio! Expect to experience only the best of the best and then some. Anyone who tries to be a thorn in your side or place obstacles in your path will feel the wrath of the universe inflicted by your capable hands. Now is not the time to question yourself. Now is the time to fly high and know that your other totem animal is the eagle.

We encourage you to take the time to do a good soul purging on this day. Let your tears heal your insides. If it’s raining, energetically reach out to the rain and allow it to do the same for you.

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4. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

Best Zodiac Sign to Work With: Capricorn and Scorpio

Best area to focus on: your choice

Best time of day: 2 hours a day

Sometimes it’s good to wait and watch, Taurus. This is not Monday energy. So don’t procrastinate or self-sabotage! You need to prepare the ground now and look ahead to the harvest. Doing both will allow you to stay present and not burden yourself with unrealistic expectations. The universe supports you!

Also, don’t allow people to take over you. The more healthy boundaries you set at this time, the easier it will be to follow your soul’s calling to the end.

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5. Aries

(March 21 – April 19)

Best Zodiac Sign to Work With: Leo

Best Area to Focus on: Mythology

Best time of day: 11 p.m.

Aries, some people say it’s best to leave the past in the past. It’s the equivalent of allowing ignorance to be bliss. Monday’s energy pushes you to recognize your inner strength so you can look at your past and see it for what it really was. Time can give us better perspective, because it’s difficult to see the big picture when we’re experiencing what’s happening in the present.

You are also encouraged to read mythical tales and identify with archetypes and individuals. Whether it’s a Greek god or goddess, a Roman senator, an Ethiopian sage, or someone else from your culture’s mythology, it will help you navigate your path of the North Node with great confidence and conviction.

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Valeria Black is a tarot card reader, astrologer, and YouTuber with expertise in casting charms, runes, and all things magic. She writes about astrology, tarot and spirituality.

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