5 road trip essentials for travelers

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If you’re feeling like going on an adventurous journey, there is nothing quite like a road trip. Hitting the road is the perfect opportunity to stop whenever you like for that scenic panoramic view or go the extra mile to visit an under-the-radar national park. For all its freedom and excitement, though, a road trip comes with challenges. Hence, coming prepared is of the essence to anticipate any potential hiccup and alleviate the stress altogether. Let’s review five essentials to pack so you can hop behind the wheel worry-free.


Jumper cables


Part of planning a road trip is all about getting ready for that unexpected bump on the road so that it only remains a minor setback. And while you will wish never to need them, jumper cables are an essential item to stow in the trunk.

One set will save the day if your battery ever runs out, whether you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights or the scorching heat has taken its toll on your car. Usually, jumper cables have to be attached and connected to another vehicle to jump-start your dead battery.

If you’ve gone off to the wild and have no accessible car around, however, you might as well purchase a car battery jump starter. Better check out a few tutorial videos before hitting the trail, though.


First aid supplies


Next up is another item you’d rather not unpack during your trip. Still, first aid supplies can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Vital components might include everything from emergency blankets to bandages and compress dressings.

Yet it doesn’t take an accident or a crisis to get in handy as you might also box packets of aspirin, antibiotics, and any type of medication that would fit your personal needs.

You may put together your own first aid kit using expert recommendations from charities like the Red Cross or governmental authorities. But you can otherwise purchase one online or at your local drugstore.




A map may be as obvious an item as it goes when embarking on a road trip, but diversification is key here. Of course, virtually everyone uses GPS mobile applications daily. Yet the places you travel to may well be out of internet range, or the Wi-Fi signal might be too weak to be entirely reliable.

One of your best options, thus, is to download offline maps beforehand. Apps such as Google Maps allow you to search a location and load the corresponding map onto your phone, while others like Maps.me offer an array of highly-detailed maps to navigate offline.

But as convenient as technology can be, stashing a good old physical map in your car will go a long way, too.


Car charger


A dead phone might be a tourist’s worst nightmare and even more so on a road trip. Your mobile device is arguably your go-to tool to navigate the most important resources for travelers or snap gorgeous pictures to wave in front of your colleagues’ and friends’ faces once you get back.

And with car chargers being rather affordable items, don’t be afraid to get heavy-handed and tuck in a couple. Most modern cars come with a built-in USB-C outlet to plug your charger in. If you’re driving an old-fashioned van, though, you’ll need to pack a USB car adapter.


Entertainment content


On a long-haul trip, setting up camp wherever the wind takes you has a nice ring to it. Yet boredom might crop up before long, and you may feel like clearing your head with a movie or a video game.

Most streaming platforms now allow you to download content to watch on your phone or desktop offline, while gaming apps mean you don’t have to pack a console to have a blast. Online casinos are another mobile-friendly option to explore, whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad.

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Ready for an adventure? Granted, a road trip can be a stressful endeavor. But from the indispensable to the entertaining, these essential will help you make the most of your journey.

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