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49.3, Labor law… François Hollande crushed after his remarks on the Global Security law – RT in French

Former President of the Republic François Hollande has sparked several reactions from left-wing political figures on social networks after taking a stand for the withdrawal of article 24 of the Global Security Act.

The former President of the Republic François Hollande called for “honor” for the withdrawal of article 24 of the Comprehensive Security Act on November 28, while demonstrations were taking place against the bill in several cities in France. The latter recalled that he himself had had to withdraw a text on the deprivation of nationality.

“Today, if there is honor, it must be in the withdrawal of the text and not in its maintenance,” said the former president in a video interview with the newspaper The mountain and posted on his Twitter account.

Backlash on social networks

A position that has provoked ironic reactions on social networks. In response to François Hollande’s statement, several left-wing political figures recalled that the former socialist president had not always been open to the withdrawal of controversial bills. The instigator of the petition against the labor law, Caroline De Hass, estimated that a withdrawal “in 2016, that would have been good too”.

Same story for the former member of the Socialist Party Gérard Filoche, who recalls that “80% of public opinion was against” the Labor law.

The designer Allan Barte did not hesitate to recall that “it is during [du] mandate [de François Hollande] that the French have stopped coming to demonstrate as a family ”, sharing a photo of the violence that occurred on the sidelines of the demonstrations against the El Khomri law.

The rebellious member Caroline Fiat underlined the lack of credibility of the former tenant of the Elysee Palace, before denouncing “the violent management of the demonstrations by Manuel Valls”.

Emmanuel Macron’s predecessor considers the debate on the Global Security Act and Article 24 “badly started” and its legislative translation “as inappropriate as it is inappropriate”. The controversy concerns in particular article 24 of the Comprehensive Security Law, which establishes the criminalization of the “malicious” dissemination of images of the police. On November 28, demonstrations against the law – punctuated by numerous violence against the police in Paris – brought together 500,000 people according to the organizers, 133,000 according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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