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Members of several political parties have co-signed a platform asking the Prime Minister to examine the possibility, for bars and restaurants “which request it”, to reopen at lunchtime from March 30.

It is behind the MoDem deputy Richard Ramos that 41 elected officials, including a good part of the majority, asked on February 27 in the JDD to the Prime Minister Jean Castex “to study the reopening of the restaurants at lunch, for those who make it. Requirement”.

Advancing the argument according to which some of the employees are forced to eat “outside or in their offices”, which does not allow them to “take a suitable break”, the elected officials plead for a reopening of the lunch service from of March 30 with the “adequate sanitary procedures”.

Another argument, that of the loss of jobs in the sector, which would have been accentuated by the health crisis. “Those who worked in these establishments are now acting in other sectors”, and many would no longer wish “to return to work in the restaurant industry”, say the authors of the forum.

“Couldn’t an opening of restaurants as a whole be considered, while modulating the aid granted by the State, after consultation with professional organizations?”, The text also questions.

On February 18, 65 senators, mostly from the center and the right, made a similar request by letter to the President of the Republic. They had combined with this request the possibility for restaurants to issue take-out orders after 6 p.m. “for people with a certificate”.

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