4 Profitable Niches For Your Reseller Hosting Business

Are you thinking about starting your web hosting company? While this industry is still profitable, there are already many competitors that offer the same services. That’s why it’s important to target clients from a specific market when you’re starting out. Here are top 4 profitable niches you can pick as your initial target audience!

1.Local Businesses

Looking for clients from all over the world is not always the best strategy. Instead, address people that have businesses in your area. Every company realizes how important it is to have an online website, so they want to get one. Offer customizable and personalized hosting solutions to them and earn profit. You can set this even as additional income for web design services, since it’s entirely passive.

2.E-commerce owners

The e-commerce space involves large investments and cheap hosting plans will not be the best for a reselling business that target this segment. On the other hand, it’s a great idea if you plan to offer VPS servers. Your future clients will need a professional solution that provides almost 100% uptime, root access and an operating system. They also expect better performances and will be willing to pay more, especially if you come up with DDoS protection and other security services.

3.Affiliate Marketers

Running a website is probably the most popular way for affiliate marketers to promote different products. This niche is getting increasingly popular thanks to digital software that have commissions up to 50% and give recurring revenue. Don’t forget such people usually advertise on social media and can invest money to bring traffic from the first day. As a reseller, it is your job to offer a platform to host their business and talk about speed or space as a benefit for bringing more sales.

4.New bloggers

Almost everyone wants to be a blogger nowadays, because knowledge can be monetized in different ways. Course creators and coaches don’t have many costs in their online business, so most of what they’re making is just profit. Besides that, some people want to share their thoughts with others. This means you definitely can resell hosting plans for them. It’d be great if you bring ‘’one-click WordPress installer’’, since the same CMS is preferred by this group. A great strategy is to include a separate area, where you have at least 20-30 tutorials with tips on how to do certain changes in the platform. They will appreciate your hard work and will be happy to choose you in their journey.

Are you ready to start your reselling hosting business?

Anyone can resell hosting, but that doesn’t mean results will come without a plan. It’s important to target a market like the ones listed above to maximize your chances. BlueServers offer you all you need to start a web hosting business, including plans with 1/10 Gbit ports and 24/7 technical support.

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