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4 people rescued from boat hanging over dam in Texas reservoir

Four boaters were rescued from a Texas reservoir Thursday afternoon after their boat nearly plunged past a dam.

The spectacular rescue took place near the Longhorn Dam on Lady Bird Lake in eastern Austin after a 911 call reported the boat was “against the dam” and appeared to be “going through”, according to Austin-Travis County EMS.

Austin police said an electric boat rented by the four passengers got stuck near the dam without enough power to exit, according to KVUE-TV. Adding to the terrifying drama: the spillway was open due to recent rains.

The boaters first contacted the rental company. But the company sent a lifeboat that lacked power against the spillway current and also got stuck.

Rescue teams, including a helicopter, were then called for help and captured spooky photos and videos of the stranded boat.

Life jackets were passed to the four passengers before the ship was tied to a police boat, which returned it to open water, according to NBC News.

None of the boaters rescued required medical attention.


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