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3 Loveland, Colo. Police quit after videos of brutal arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner with dementia posted

Three police officers involved in the brutal arrest of a 73-year-old Colorado woman with dementia have resigned, officials said on Friday. Loveland Constables Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali and Community Services Officer Tyler Blackett were all on administrative leave before Chief Robert Ticer announced their departure from the police department at a press conference.

During the press conference, Ticer did not say whether the officers had resigned or been fired. Department spokesman Tom Hacker later confirmed that they had resigned.

Hopp arrested Karen Garner in June 2020 after allegedly leaving a store without paying for around $ 14 worth of items. Garner filed a federal lawsuit this month, claiming Hopp dislocated her shoulder when she was arrested and did not receive medical attention for about six hours after being taken to county jail.

“Our goal at the Loveland Police Department has always been to make our community proud,” Ticer told reporters on Friday. “We failed and we are very sorry for it.”

A team of outside law enforcement agencies is conducting a criminal investigation in arrest at the request of the district attorney. Ticer said an internal affairs investigation would be conducted by the city’s director of human resources.

Police station surveillance video posted by Garner’s lawyer on Monday shows Hopp, Jalali and Blackett watch footage from Hopp’s body camera as Garner is handcuffed to a bench in a holding cell a few feet away.

As police looked at body camera footage which showed Hopp holding Garner against a patrol car, Hopp said, “Ready for the pop?” suggesting that he was aware that he had hurt her.

“What you saw in the video, not the Loveland Police Department,” Ticer said Friday in reaction to the surveillance video.

Body camera images can be heard but not seen on the police station video. Seen separately, body camera footage shows Hopp holding the handcuffed Garner facing him against the car.

When she tried to turn around and said, as she did on several occasions, that she was trying to get home, he pushed her back against the car and moved his bent left arm close to her head, holding it, saying, “Are you done? Have you finished? We don’t play this game. “

About 30 seconds later, Garner began to sag towards the ground. Jalali, who arrived recently, said, “Get up! We are not going to hold you back.”

“It hurts to see that,” Ticer said Friday in reaction to the bodycam video. “I have been in law enforcement for 32 years, and what I saw in there hurt me personally.”


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