27 Amazon Toys Reviewers Say Are Their Kid’s Favorite

Promising results:My son’s favorite toy. This toy is extremely well built and sturdy. It has a surprising amount of buttons and activities, all of which relate perfectly to real-world driving. My son loves the steering wheel and the way it twists and turns endlessly no matter which direction it is turned. He hasn’t figured out all the buttons yet, but so far he has learned the steering wheel, the horn, the four radio station buttons, the shifter, the red race button, and the hazard light button . He didn’t learn the turn signal lever, the air conditioning vent, the ignition key, the gas gauge timer, the fog lights, or the gas door on the side. But he will get there! He plays with this toy every day, almost all day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a restless child like ours!” -Hunter

Price: $54.99

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