21 Daily Habits To Improve Your Health, From Doctors


“Brush your teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste twice a day; floss every day. It’s good for your teeth and gums and improves heart and lung health! Seriously, you lower your risk of pneumonia and heart attack.”

—40, New York

“I have been an intensive care nurse for seven years. Please brush your teeth regularly. There is a definite correlation between oral health and general health. Patients with poor dental hygiene most often have heart and lung problems. Geez, the extent of infective endocarditis (heart infection) that doctors have attributed to bad teeth boggles my mind. .,, It always surprises me when we have patients in my intensive care unit and they don’t brush their teeth or even think to ask me for a toothbrush. The patient who does not remember to brush his teeth in the morning is sicker than the one who cleans his morning breath. I would say that about 80% of my patients don’t think about brushing their teeth at all during the day. Brush your teeth and go to the dentist. »

—42, Alabama

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