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The 2024 Olympic wrestling trials will take place April 19-20 in State College, Pennsylvania. Check out the article below for real-time essay updates on the biggest stories from this event.

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Session 1 – Quarter-finals

Freestyle wrestling men 65 kg

We’re already heading into the quarters with Alec Pantaleo taking on top seed Nick Lee and Jesse Mendez battling James Green. Not much action in the first, Lee gets a pass point to maintain a 1-0 lead until the break. Now, early in the second, Lee gets a takedown and goes to work with 3 rounds to lead 9-0. Pantaleo hits a slick duck to get a takedown and make it 9-2, but he’ll need a lot of offense quickly if he hopes to erase this deficit. Pantaleo was unsuccessful and Lee won with a dominant 9-2 victory.

First period without incident between Green and Mendez – 1-0 Green leads at the break.

Now, Yianni Diakomihalis faces Kaleb Larkin. This could be interesting – Larkin is a good head taller than Yianni. Diakomihalis appears to be in control early – he gets a takedown and a takedown to take an early 3-0 lead. Larkin gets a takedown and has a tight lace! Wow, Larkin could finish here but Yianni fights back and only gets past once. Wow, I can’t believe Yianni hasn’t been there more than once.

Session 1 – round of 16

Freestyle wrestling men 65 kg

Big matches to start the tournament at 65 kg! We have Larkin vs. Kolodzik, Mendez vs. McKenna, Bartlett vs. Garrett and Pantaleo vs. Gross on the mats and ready to roll. Jesse Mendez gets a big pinch to the head in the first to take a 4-0 lead. Seconds later, Beau Bartlett scores a four-pointer of his own and the Penn State crowd feels it.

Kaleb Larkin earns the first win of the day with a 13-2 technical victory over Matt Kolodzik. Larkin gave up the first takedown, but then locked in a leg lace and finished it in the first period. Larkin is going to be fun to watch at 65kg – he’s really long and seems to be tricky in a lot of areas.

Garrett and Bartlett score points – it’s 9-6 Bartlett with just over a minute to play. Mendez still controls McKenna – he leads 6-1 with just 30 seconds remaining. Pantaleo maintains a 4-2 lead but appears to be fading slightly.

And that will be enough for the rest of the 65kg matches – Bartlett wins 10-6, Mendez wins 8-2 and Pantaleo holds on 5-3.

Men’s freestyle wrestling 86 kg

Connor Mirasola and David McFadden face off in a low-scoring bout. Mirasola took a 1-0 lead into the break, then added another point after a takedown in the second to lead 2-0 with about 2 minutes remaining. McFadden goes deep on a double with 30 seconds left, but Mirasola gives him heavy hips to fend off the takedown. Mirasola fights for position and gets the takedown. And Mirasola wins it 4-0.

Max Dean vs. Evan Wick now – it’s crazy to see these two meet considering Wick wrestled at 165 in college while Dean finished his college career at 197. Wick rolls here with some early takedowns. Now Wick gets to his shoelace and finishes him off with a tech – Wick moves on.

And now, the match everyone has been waiting for in the first round: Carter Starocci vs. Pat Downey! Huge cheers from the Penn State crowd as Starocci takes the mat. Early shot from Starocci but Downey counters it with a pancake and scores 2 – Downey leads 2-0. Starocci keeps moving forward and gets on Downey’s legs again, but Downey passes him off for another exposure, but Starocci fights for a knockdown – it’s 4-1 now. Downey appears to be fading slightly, but he will maintain his lead until the break.

Downey has no one in his corner, so a trainer stands up to wipe Downey. Downey looks really tired early in the second and signals overtime – the crowd doesn’t like that and lets him know with a few boos. Downey took a good 2-3 minutes of added time but got back on his feet. Starocci now comes up with a single and finishes just short of a yaw to take a 7-4 lead and the crowd is the loudest it’s been all morning – huge cheers for Starocci. Downey is disappearing quickly now and Starocci is feeling it. Starocci adds a few more takedowns and he wins 12-4.

Freestyle wrestling men 74 kg

Fun first round matchup here for Penn State fans with Alex Facundo taking on Levi Haines. Facundo is more offensive to start – Haines is put on the clock early but can’t score so Facundo takes the lead, 1-0. Facundo gets to Haines’ legs in the second and finishes with a takedown to lead 3-0.

Meyer Shapiro and Ladarion Lockett are now standing – I looked away and suddenly Ladarion Lockett has a 10-1 lead over Shapiro at the break! Shapiro comes out of the break and looks to start his attack, but Lockett counters for a takedown and gets the tech! Wow, I didn’t expect that from the high school kid.

Vincenzo Joseph and Jarrett Jacques are engaged in a battle alongside Alex Marinelli and Tyler Berger. Jacques leads Cenzo late and holds on to win on criteria – 6-6. Jacques is tough but it’s definitely a surprise.

Marinelli held a 1-0 lead until the break. Marinelli adds a takedown in the second and Berger struggles to commit an attack. Not much happened for the rest of the second period and Marinelli won 4-0.

Freestyle wrestling men 97 kg

Christian Carroll vs. Tony Cassioppi! This is the only 97kg match in this round and it’s a fascinating match. Carroll redshirted last year for Oklahoma State and Cassioppi is a three-time All-American – both guys move up from heavyweight. And it’s Carroll who strikes first with a takedown in just thirty seconds! Cassioppi puts the pressure on and comes close to scoring several times but fails to finish over Carroll. Cassioppi finally gets a takedown with 30 seconds remaining to take the lead on criteria. Cassioppi gets another takedown before the end of the second and adds a round to lead 6-2 going into the break.

Carroll starts the second period like the first and gets a takedown to cut the lead to 6-4 but he will need one more takedown to take the lead. Cassioppi takes a shot and almost finishes, but Carroll steps in and knocks him off balance and gets an exposure – Carroll takes the lead on criteria with just 10 seconds left! Cassioppi comes forward but fails to score – big win for Christian Carroll.

Men’s freestyle wrestling 125 kg

The big ones are on the carpet! Gary Traub takes on Jaron Smith while Trent Hillger and Demetrius Thomas face off on mat 1. Jaron Smith appears to be making the most of his trials – he had to qualify at the last chance and holds a 6-2 lead in the second. . Traub fails to attack and Smith wins – 6-2. Meanwhile, Thomas and Hillger put together some offense – Thomas led early 5-1 but Hillger came back strong to lead on criteria, 5-5. Thomas returns to his attack with some takedowns to win 11-7.

Freestyle wrestling men 57 kg

Fantastic first round matches now – Marcus Blaze vs. Nick Suriano, Jax Forrest vs. Liam Cronin, and Daniel DeShazer vs. Luke Lilledahl! We have three high schoolers on the mat in Blaze, Forrest and Lilledahl. Jax with a takedown in just 10 seconds to lead early, then gets right to his high-level work and Forrest takes an 8-0 lead in less than a minute. Forrest gets another takedown for Tech in just 1:18 seconds and the crowd loves it. Pretty interesting – the cheers for Jax Forrest were probably the loudest outside of any Penn State wrestler.

Suriano gets a passivity point but not much else happens in this one. Suriano leads 1-0 before the break. Now in the second, Blaze reaches for his single and finishes the takedown to take a 2-1 lead. Suriano advances and gets a takedown to tie the match, but Blaze still leads on criteria. Suriano continues to pressure and now he comes up one step and finishes to take a 4-2 advantage with less than 30 seconds left. Suriano defends well and Blaze can’t get up – Suriano wins, 4-2.

Similar to the Blaze-Suriano match, it was 1-0 at the break with Lilledahl ahead on a passivity point. Now, DeShazer scores a point as the shot clock expires to lead on criteria. Not much action from either wrestler, but with less than a minute left, DeShazer gets another point to lead outright, 2-1. Now, with less than 20 seconds left, Lilledahl runs into DeShazer’s legs and finishes out of bounds for the takedown – Lilledahl leads 3-2. DeShazer puts pressure on him but he doesn’t succeed, Lilledahl wins.

Freestyle wrestling Women 57 kg

The first women’s matches now take place with three matches in 57 kg on the mat. Not much happens early in these matches – Cam Guerin leads Shelby Moore 3-0 at the break, Cristelle Rodriguez controls Alexis Janiak, 7-2, and Carolina Moreno is knocked out early due to injury.
Rodriguez moves to a tech and Amani Jones wins by injury default against Moreno. Guerin controlled from start to finish and won 5-1 against a tough Moore.

Freestyle wrestling Women 50 kg

Mia Palumbo vs. Emilie Gonzalez and Nyla Valencia vs. Ava Bayless are now on the mats at 50kg. Valencia and Bayless give up! Some fun exchanges between these two and Valencia lead 5-2 at the break. Valencia continues to press and launch into their attack. She adds some takedowns and an exposure to win 11-4. Meanwhile, Palumbo takes on Gonzalez and gets an 11-0 technical fall.

Greco-Roman 60 kg

The Greco boys start to take the mat and we get our first big headlock as Taylor Lamont throws Billy Sullivan onto his back early! Lamont gets the pinfall in the first period. Phillip Moomey earns a 4-2 victory over Brady Koontz.

Complete 2024 Olympic Trials Schedule

*All times shown are Eastern Standard Time

Friday April 19

Session 1: 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Challenge Tournament: preliminaries, quarter-finals and consolation rounds*


*All championship matches will take place before the consolation rounds.

Session 2: 6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Challange Tournament: Semi-finals and Finals


Saturday April 20

Session 3: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Final 2 of 3 Championship Series Round 1**

**Weights not currently qualified for the Olympics will compete in Match 2 in this session

Challenge Tournament: Consolations, Consolation Semi-finals, 3rd place and True 3rd (if necessary)


Session 4: 6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Final 2 of 3 Championship Series Round 2**

**Weights not currently qualified for the Olympics will compete in Match 3 at the start of the session (if necessary)

Final 2 of 3, Round 3 of the Championship Series (if necessary)

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