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2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga

Seeking Alpha provides crowdsourced content and research for the financial markets and investment community. Even though Seeking Alpha offers subscription and information options suitable for investors and traders at all levels, experienced market operators tend to benefit the most from the company’s services.

The Seeking Alpha website features articles and blog posts written by some of the best fund and portfolio managers in the industry and provides a comprehensive list of search categories with many subcategories so you can narrow down your searches.

The company offers a free subscription option as well as Premium and Pro subscription options which involve paying a monthly fee. To get started, you can sign up for Seeking Alpha’s free basic service or a 14-day free trial premium subscription to evaluate the services it provides. Premium and Pro subscribers can access unlimited analysis, the latest breaking financial news and over a million investment ideas from a variety of sources. More details on each subscription option appear below:

  • Looking for Alpha Basic: The free Basic option includes advertisements. This option allows you to follow and get new articles from different authors, receive up to 15 email newsletters, and read and post on the Seeking Alpha blog. Research options for the basic service include limited access to quantitative ratings and underlying metrics from Seeking Alpha, 5 years of financial statements, a stock comparison page, and the ability to sync your broker portfolio to securities with Seeking Alpha.

The Basic service’s portfolio management options include a portfolio manager for stocks and ETFs, a financial calendar, personalized news and articles, stock email alerts, and in-depth analysis of reports and transcripts results. The Premium option gives you access to all of these features, plus premium investment ideas, earnings conference and call recordings, and Seeking Alpha’s top-rated stock ranking filter.

  • Looking for Alpha Premium: In the Premium and Pro services, you get all the features listed above, plus limited advertising on the Premium service and no advertising on the Pro option. At the Premium tier, you can read, post, and track comments, as well as view Seeking Alpha author rating histories, key data, and an article sidebar with stock charts. You can also get rating, dividend and earnings forecasts and find the best dividend-paying stocks through Seeking Alpha’s dividend ratings page.

Other premium services include access to all quantitative assessments and underlying metrics and company financials going back 10 years. You can also perform side-by-side stock comparisons, sync Seeking Alpha with your stockbroker portfolio, view 3 types of ratings for each stock in your portfolio, and receive alerts on stock upgrades and downgrades. items in your portfolio.

  • Alpha PRO search: The PRO option includes all the features of the Basic and Premium services plus exclusive newsletters and interviews, access to the best ideas from Seeking Alpha, all the short ideas in one place and a PRO filter with investment ideas . You also get a VIP Editorial Concierge who quickly guides you through the company’s platform.

Seeking Alpha’s customer service can be accessed through the Contact Us page, where you can access the company’s feedback forum to report any issues you may encounter. Additionally, you can email the company or call in the US at 347-509-6837. The Seeking Alpha website does not have live chat functionality and phone contact can only be made during Eastern Time business hours, 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday .

Alpha pricing for Premium and Pro services may be somewhat high for new traders and investors, but for seasoned traders the value of the information provided is well worth the money.

Research Alpha pricing for different subscription plans. Source: Alpha Research.

The price of each subscription option appears below:

  • Prime: The most popular option costs $19.99 per month billed annually, saving you $120 if you pay for the whole year. Otherwise, the service costs $29.99 per month.
  • Pro: The Pro option costs $199.99 per month billed annually or $299.99 per month.
  • Marketplace : Prices vary depending on the market tools and professionals you choose. All options include a monthly price list describing the service and the expert.

You can download an excellent version of Seeking Alpha’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga
2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga

Looking for Alpha’s mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Source: Alpha Research.

Some of Seeking Alpha’s most notable benefits include:

Finding the Alpha Marketplace

The Seeking Alpha Marketplace consists of an online page where you can access exclusive content from a wide range of individual finance authors who supplement their free Seeking Alpha articles. For example, if you find a particular author whose investing style suits you, you can subscribe to that author through the Marketplace service. By subscribing to the author’s service, you also receive all the Premium articles of this author.

Finding Alpha’s Quantum Notation System

The Quant Rating System produces an emotionless assessment of a stock based on the company’s financial statements, the stock’s performance, and analysts’ forecasts for future revenue and earnings.

Seeking Alpha uses 100 metrics for each stock and compares them with other stocks in the industry. The security then receives a quantitative rating between 1 and 5. A rating of 1 is very bearish, 2 is simply bearish, 3 is neutral, 4 is bullish and 5 is very bullish.

The stock is then ranked according to 5 factors: value, growth, profitability, momentum and earnings per share revisions. The relevant metrics are then compared to the same metrics for other stocks in the sector. The Quant Rating system can be extremely useful for evaluating stocks – the best stocks for retirement, for example. The Quant Rating System is also one of Seeking Alpha’s most valuable research tools.

2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga

Graphic of a pie chart for a portfolio of 30 stocks with stock symbols and percentages that has been set up using the quantitative scoring system. Source: Seeking Alpha.


Seeking Alpha’s extensive financial news resources cover a wide range of investment-related information delivered in real time. You can also get news on the latest initial public offerings (IPO); top earners in technology, energy and healthcare; calls from notable analysts; and even cryptocurrencies.


Seeking Alpha’s market analysis covers stock markets, economics, gold and precious metals markets and foreign exchange, real estate, commodities and cryptocurrency markets. You can also access the editor’s top picks and a global investment center for international traders.


Seeking Alpha provides a comprehensive guide to investing for new traders and investors, starting with opening an account with a broker to trade stocks, ETFs, commodities, bonds and derivatives . The section also walks you through every step of investing, starting with paper trading and the basics of stock fundamentals to building a portfolio. You can also access a wide range of investing podcasts and videos.

Seeking Alpha’s site is intuitive and fairly easy to navigate, although experienced investors and traders can probably navigate it more easily. New traders and investors may find the website a little more difficult to navigate, but it will improve with regular use.

The informative content and expert opinions expressed on the Seeking Alpha site can be an invaluable resource for traders and investors at all levels. In fact, Seeking Alpha has been one of the go-to websites for this Examiner’s fundamental research on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets over the past decade.

2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga

Alpha platform screen search. Source: Alpha Research.

2022 Seeking Alpha Review • Benzinga