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2022 Commonwealth Games: Baton relay to start at Buckingham Palace |  News News


The relay will cover 90,000 miles and visit the 72 countries of the Commonwealth; the relay will last 294 days; The 2022 Games will start on July 27, 2022

Last updated: 28/09/21 22:52

Birmingham Queen’s baton relay 2022 to start at Buckingham Palace

The Commonwealth Games relay will start at Buckingham Palace on October 7 and cover approximately 90,000 miles, organizers said.

The Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay will visit 72 Commonwealth Nations and Territories for 294 days.

The worldwide journey, featuring around 7,500 “stick bearers”, will end at the opening ceremony in July next year, where the last bearer returns the witness to the Queen.

Commonwealth Games Federation President Dame Louise Martin said: “The Queen’s Relay is one of the most special aspects of the Commonwealth Games because it so vividly symbolizes friendship, respect and unity between our 72 nations and territories.

“When Her Majesty The Queen puts her message to the Commonwealth under witness at Buckingham Palace next week, it will begin a spectacular 294-day journey that will begin the final countdown to the Opening Ceremony.

“I know Commonwealth communities will be delighted to see the Witness pass through their own villages, towns and cities.

“I hope as many Commonwealth citizens as possible can be part of the relay so they can experience the real magic of the Commonwealth Games.”

The stick, equipped with a camera, heart rate monitor, atmospheric sensors and LED lighting, will return to the UK on June 10 and spend five days in Scotland, four in Northern Ireland and five in Wales.

It will then cover England in length and width for 25 days from July 4th.



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