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Baseball season – and, therefore, fantasy baseball season – is a real grind. Yes, you’ve heard that before (along with other clichés like “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”), but let’s face it: baseball is the only sport that the term “dog days” is regularly associated with. Fantasy baseball drafts often present a microcosm of the entire season, from planning your team-building strategy during the offseason to the excitement of the opening times to the boredom of late games. The mock drafts also closely match the usefulness of spring training – you can learn valuable things for the regular season, but you don’t really want to go through a full offer.

Luckily, Fantasy Pros’ mock draft simulator exists, and with it, you can practice our draft strategy against expert rankings in minutes.

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Fully customizable according to your league settings, the Fantasy Pros draft simulator allows you to define the type of draft (snake, auction, goalie, etc.), the number of places and teams, the conditions of player eligibility and scoring rules. You can even set your draft position if you already know your draft order or just want to try different strategies for different picks on the first turn.

After that, you can take a hands-on approach and simulate complete drafts almost instantly, or you can get hands-on and make your own choices, which takes a few more minutes. (Added bonus: no one in the chat tells you to hurry up.)

You guessed it, the simulation project simulator from Fantasy Pros simulate selects the other teams in your model according to the desired ranking configuration (expert consensus, Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, etc.). In an effort to make things a bit more realistic, he doesn’t always pick the top-ranked player for other teams. This is much more useful than the biased results of simulated “live” drafts which automatically select the highest ranked players as soon as the editors leave the room (which, let’s face it, is often around the sixth or seventh round) . It also helps you calculate when you should reach your favorite sleepers as the draft simulator might drop them in some drafts or rip them off earlier than expected in others.

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Practice Your Draft Strategy


Without a doubt, the best thing about Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Simulator is the efficiency with which you can practice different strategies. If you want to know what would happen if you drafted one pitcher in the first round (or five pitchers in the first 10 rounds), go ahead. If you want to know what your team would look like if you hit two “guy robberies” early on, you can. If you’re dying to see if a team with Shohei Ohtani the batter and Shohei Ohtani the pitcher would destroy the internet, go ahead and risk it at your own peril.

EXPERT TIPS FOR ALL DRAFTS: Fantasy Pro Draft Wizard Application

If you’ve been in just one fantasy baseball draft, you know that the Fantasy Pros Draft Simulator can’t replicate all the nuances of different owners. Still, you have a good idea of ​​how drafts will play out based on different draft strategies and positions. And you can do it in a dog-free way that’s not a marathon or a grind. It is something that we can all accept.

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