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2020, the Space Odyssey?  Mysterious metal monolith discovered in American desert – RT en français

A mysterious “metal monolith” has been discovered in a desert in the western United States, igniting the imaginations of UFO enthusiasts and Stanley Kubrick fans around the world.

A gleaming rectangular block, which towers more than three and a half meters above the reddish ground of southern Utah, United States, was discovered on November 18, 2020 by astonished local officials who flew over the area to count the bighorn sheep specimens.

After landing, these employees of the Utah Department of Public Safety were able to examine the “metal monolith”, finding “no clear indication of who might have placed it there.” “It is forbidden to install structures or works of art without authorization on lands managed by the federal government, no matter what planet you come from,” the agency recalled on 23 November in a malicious press release. The authorities refuse to reveal the location of the monolith so as not to attract hordes of curious people.

The announcement quickly went viral on the internet, with many noting similarities to the strange alien monoliths in Stanley Kubrick’s film. 2001, a space odyssey. Others have noted a resemblance to the avant-garde works of John McCracken, who died in 2011. His legal representative has claimed that it is possible that it was a creation of the American sculptor, who resided in the ‘Neighboring state of New Mexico.

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