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2 words in new Trump book chilled Stephen Colbert’s spine


Stephen Colbert said he was struck by two words in Danger, the new book on the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

Woodward and Costa were guests on “The Late Show” Tuesday night, and they spoke about Trump’s attempts to block the 2020 election results and stay in power.

“It was a subversion or attempted subversion of democracy and it never stopped,” Woodward said. “And here’s the problem: it continues. ”

Woodward noted that a review of the book called the epilogue a prologue because the situation persists.

“We’re in it again. We think Trump is going to run and run again, ”said Woodward. “He has a lot of support. ”

Colbert shared the part of the epilogue that struck him the most.

“Don’t reveal the end of your book, but the last sentence is, ‘The peril remains,” Colbert said. “OK, a little shiver down my spine just now.”

Colbert also broke his vicious impression of Eric Trump as he discussed the book’s revelations about the former president’s plot to stay in power. For example, Trump and a lawyer urged former Vice President Mike Pence to reject voters in multiple states, according to a memo described in Danger.

The vice-president does not have this power. But the memo claimed that Pence could claim states had sent “multiple voters lists,” which did not happen.

Colbert said it was a golden opportunity for Eric Trump to finally win his father’s affection.

“I can be a voter, dad! Colbert exclaimed as he exploded his impression:

“I heard you appoint King President Papa II,” Colbert said in his mocking voice of Eric. “Now can we play wrestling?” “

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:



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