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2 injured in Newport News, Virginia


Two people were rushed to hospital on Monday with gunshot wounds after a high school shooting in Virginia, police said.

Newport News police said the students were evacuated from Heritage High School and sent to nearby tennis courts.

The parents had been ordered to meet them in court. Videos shared on social media showed students and adults gathered near the fences.

Mental health counselors were on site.

“Closely monitoring horrific reports of shooting at Heritage High School in Newport News,” US Senator Mark Warner noted on Twitter. “Pray for the health and safety of everyone involved while we wait to find out more.”

Virginie representing Bobby Scott noted on Twitter, his team was monitoring the situation.

Virginia State Police did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Several other schools across the United States have also seen shootings in school buildings since the return to in-person learning this year.

“Double trauma”:Back to in-person learning, students face school shootings again


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