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2 Chicago Restaurants Make New York Times National List – NBC Chicago

The third iteration of a New York Times list naming the restaurants staff are currently most excited about in the United States honored two recently opened Chicago restaurants, drawing more attention to the city’s ever-evolving dining scene.

Daisies, an Italian restaurant in Logan Square that opened in March, and Thattu, an Indian restaurant in Avondale that opened in April, were both named to the list.

Daisies earned high marks from the New York Times staff for its “authentically Midwestern” take on Italian standards. Unlike the squid flown in for the restaurant’s fritto misto, the Daisies earned high marks for their rendition made with locally grown cheese curds and mushrooms.

The commitment to staying local runs throughout the menu, with Great Lakes whitefish and rosé made from grapes grown along the Illinois River.

Originally opened in 2017, Daisies has been in its current location since March.

As for Avondale’s Thattu, the former food hall restaurant moved into its permanent home on the North Side this spring.

Earning praise for their dedication to serving home-style cuisine from southwest India’s Kerala region, Thattu’s fish fries, yogurt rice and coconut curries earned marks high, as well as more experimental dishes such as tater tots sprinkled with chaat masala.

In addition to the two Chicago restaurants honored, four other Midwestern establishments made the list, with one restaurant each in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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