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18-year-old indicted in Capitol riot says he was ‘wrong’ and begs judge to release him

  • The youngest suspect charged in the Capitol riots wrote a letter asking a judge to release him.

  • Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, previously boasted on Instagram about storming the Capitol and fighting inside.

  • “I am completely humble, deeply heartfelt and regret! [sic]Cua wrote.

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A Georgian teenager who bragged on Instagram about storming the Capitol in January begged a federal judge to release him ahead of his trial, saying his social media posts were ‘insane’ and that he had learned a “very painful” lesson.

Bruno Joseph Cua, 18, faces a series of federal charges related to the January 6 insurgency, including assaulting a federal officer, acts of physical violence, violent entry or disorderly conduct, and civil unrest. He pleaded not guilty and a judge refused to release him on bail last month.

In a letter to Judge Randolph Moss filed on March 4, Cua pleaded for the judge to show mercy and allow him to return home to his family before he is tried in the spring. Cua apologized and said his actions did not reflect who he was.

“I want to firmly assure you that I am not a danger to anyone and that I will absolutely never act on what I have said. I longed to speak with you, to sincerely apologize. [sic] and show you my forever changed heart, ”he wrote.

18-year-old indicted in Capitol riot says he was ‘wrong’ and begs judge to release him

He continued: “I will never be the same person, the prison has had its effect me, I am completely humble, deeply remorseful and regret! After all, what is prison for? Teach people a lesson ? Lesson fully received, Your Honor. “

Cua also said he spent more than two weeks in isolation, and noted that he had never been away from his parents during that time.

“I completely lost those aggressive feelings and let go of the whole political idea. I was wrong,” Cua wrote.

An “ impressionable eighteen year old kid ”

Cua is believed to be the youngest suspect indicted in the Capitol seat. His lawyers pointed out his age and relative immaturity in their requests for bail by the judge.

“Bruno Cua is an impressionable eighteen-year-old kid,” his lawyers wrote in a court file. “In many ways, he’s less ‘adult’ than a lot of other teenagers. He never lived far from his parents. He has lived his entire life in the immediate vicinity of Atlanta, Georgia. ”

The lawyers added that Cua was “very scared and remorseful” and “totally regrets his action of January 6 and fully acknowledges the greater gravity of the charges.”

18-year-old indicted in Capitol riot says he was ‘wrong’ and begs judge to release him

Headquarters of the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. Samuel Corum / Getty Images

But prosecutors have portrayed Cua as a violent and active participant in the siege. The criminal complaint shows several screenshots showing Cua’s positions in the Capitol building and even in the Senate chamber.

Screenshots of the complaint show Cua holding what appeared to be a baton and pushing an undercover US Capitol officer.

The complaint also accused Cua of bragging about the violence that day, posting an Instagram post saying, “Yes, we physically fought to get in.” Other articles from Cua’s so-called Talking Account stated, “President Trump calls on us to FIGHT” and that January 6 was the time for Trump supporters to “take a stand.”

“It’s time to take our old-fashioned freedom back,” another article in Parler said.

According to an Insider database, Cua is just one of 310 people indicted during the siege on the Capitol in early March.

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