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18-Year-Old Banner Plane Pilot Performs Safe Emergency Landing on New Jersey Bridge

An 18-year-old banner plane pilot made an emergency landing amid traffic on a New Jersey bridge after experiencing engine problems on Monday.

Landon Lucas was flying the plane for Paramount Air Service when he started having engine problems near the Atlantic City area. The young pilot released his banner into the ocean and attempted to return to Ocean City Municipal Airport, NBC Philadelphia reported.

On his way to the airport where Lucas hoped to make a safe return trip, he noticed a traffic disruption on a bridge near the Jersey Shore. Running out of options, Lucas decided to land the plane on the bridge.

Landon Lucas safely landed his plane pulling banners on a bridge in New Jersey.NBC Philadelphia

It landed without injuring himself or others on the bridge and without damaging the plane, according to NBC Philadelphia.

“He made a perfect landing,” Rose Savastano, who works at the nearby Ocean City Visitor Center and has seen Lucas exiting the plane, told Atlantic City Press. “He is fine.”

Traffic was still flowing in both directions on the bridge, which is a primary traffic lane in the area, upon landing, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Police teams responded to the scene and authorities first removed the wings of the plane before towing the ship. An investigation is underway into the incident.

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