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18 months closed for threatening a professor to “die like Samuel Paty” – RT en français

A 19-year-old man has been convicted of sending death threats to a teacher, promising him the same fate as Samuel Paty, beheaded by an Islamist terrorist. The young defendant pleaded a “joke”.

The Nice prosecutor’s office sentenced a 19-year-old young man to 18 months in prison for threatening a professor to make him “die like Samuel Paty”, in reference to the teacher beheaded in October in the Paris region by an Islamist terrorist.

Judged in immediate appearance on November 27, 2020, the defendant defended himself, according to the hearing report published by the daily Nice morning, explaining that it was a “joke” intended only to show off to a young high school student.

The defendant, holder of a vocational baccalaureate and now out of the school system, had heard on a social network of an incident that took place in one of the teacher’s classes. The latter, a teacher in his thirties, asked for explanations from some of his students suspected of having cheated during a white bac test.

The young man then managed to obtain the address of the professor’s private account on another social network, so as to threaten him with a death similar to that of Samuel Paty, a teacher killed by an Islamist after showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to his students during a free speech class.

“My client lived through two very difficult weeks,” explains Julien Darras, the lawyer for the civil party. This teacher was forced to stop his classes and remove his name from his mailbox while the police identified the perpetrator.

The defendant, with a clean record, faced up to seven years’ imprisonment for public apology for acts of terrorism by electronic means and death threats. He has 10 days to appeal this judgment along with an immediate committal warrant.

Since the attack which struck the faithful of the Basilica of Nice on October 29, more than twenty investigations for apologizing for terrorism have been carried out by the Nice prosecutor’s office, according to Xavier Bonhomme, public prosecutor.

A man had already been sentenced to 18 months in prison after threatening people near this religious building, according to the magistrate.

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