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150 elected officials call for a referendum to reunite Loire-Atlantique with Brittany – Bretagne

In a column published by the “Sunday Newspaper”, 150 elected officials from all sides, including seven deputies and six senators, say they want “the voters of Loire-Atlantique to be consulted, by referendum, on their wish, or not, to join the Brittany region”.

“So many links”

Because, according to them, “in a constant way, they expressed the majority their will not to be separated administratively from Brittany, to which attach so many geographical, historical, economic and human links”.

A subject that is very often at the heart of the news: for example, we remember that in 2018, the petition of “Brittany reunited” requesting a consultation of the citizens of Loire-Atlantique to reintegrate the department into the Brittany region had reached its goal of 100,000 signatures.

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