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142,000 lights, 98 trees and 4 kilometers of ribbon: imposing Christmas decorations at the White House

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Many Christmas decorations were installed at the White House under the theme of “the child within”.

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Some 34,000 decorations were placed in various locations in and around the White House in addition to 98 trees and more than 2.8 miles of ribbon, CNN reports.


In total, an impressive number of more than 142,000 lights decorate the furnishings of the official residence of the President of the United States during the holiday season.


United States First Lady Jill Biden inaugurated the event during a press conference on Monday.


“It’s this child in each of us that inspired this year’s theme,” she says. The decorations in each room were designed to capture this ecstasy and imagination and to see this time of year through children’s eyes.


Hundreds of volunteers have been responsible for installing all these decorations over the past few weeks.


According to CBS News, the White House estimates it will welcome approximately 100,000 visitors during the holiday season.

See footage in the video above

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