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13 injured in downtown Austin shooting, suspected gunman not in custody

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A shooting in a busy downtown Austin, Texas area left 13 people injured early Saturday, and police said the suspected gunman was not in custody.

Two of the injured people were in critical condition, but during the press conference at 4 a.m. local time no one had died, Austin Police Acting Chief Joseph Chacon said.

Gunshots erupted just before 1:30 a.m. along 6th Street, a popular area filled with bars and restaurants. The street was barricaded to prevent vehicular traffic at the time of the shooting, Chacon said.

It is not known what triggered the shooting.

Eleven of the injured people were taken to a local hospital, another person was taken to another hospital and the other person went to an emergency care center with gunshot wounds, Chacon said.

“Our officers reacted very quickly,” said the acting chief. “They were able to immediately start life-saving measures for many of these patients, including the application of tourniquets; thoracic seal applications.

Chacon also said some officers had transported patients to hospitals in their police cars due to the nature of the scene, where it was difficult to contain the crowds and bring ambulances to those who were injured.

The shooter was not immediately arrested. Chacon said the description police had of the suspect was “not very detailed”, but said the person was considered a man.

Investigators were reviewing surveillance video and other evidence from the area, Chacon said. He asked anyone with information about the shooting to contact the police.


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