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12 best Father’s Day card ideas for 2021

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means you may be considering doing something special for the father figures in your life. Along with all the thoughtful gifts you are likely to buy, you can also tell your dad how much you love and appreciate him with an equally thoughtful card. From online retailers like Amazon and Etsy to physical retailers like Target and Walgreens, there are thousands of card options to choose from – and it can be difficult to navigate. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled some of the best Father’s Day cards to help you find the right card for your purpose. Whether you are looking for a card for your dad, grandfather, or some other father figure, these fun and heartfelt cards will help you show them how important they are to you.

The best father’s day cards for every father figure

Papyrus Father’s Day Greeting Card Grid

This fun Papyrus card features a barbecue grill – on the front it says “Happy Father’s Day” and inside, “Daddy, you deserve a great Father’s Day!” In addition, the card comes with an orange envelope lined with gold.

Paper Source Super Dad Father’s Day Card

Celebrate all of your dad’s amazing abilities with this Super Dad card from Paper Source. The card has gold leaf accents and comes with a gold envelope. This one is blank on the inside and offers plenty of space for your own heartfelt message.

Famous for its 3D pop-up cards, Lovepop offers this version for adventurous dads. The map opens to a snow-capped mountain range with a goat and a blue river. You can buy individual cards for $ 13 or buy them as a bundle with the company’s 5 for $ 50 offer. Not to mention that all Lovepop cards are eligible for free shipping.

3D Lovepop Tee-rific Papa Card

Another popular option from Lovepop, this card is ideal for dads who like to spend hours on the green. Featuring a witty pun on the outside – “You’re a Tee-rific daddy” – the inside has a colorful illustration of a golf course. For an additional $ 5, you can add a personalized note and your own photo.

Woodcut card for fathers day

A slightly less conventional choice, this handmade card is entirely made of wood. Garnering an average 5-star rating from nearly 100 Etsy buyers, the highly rated card is engraved with a “Happy Father’s Day” greeting note. The Etsy store that makes them, JaiEngravings, will include a personal message on a separate stationery and send it to Dad for free.

You are the best pop card for fathers day

Another Etsy bestseller, this map from MudsplashStudios has nearly 18,000 sales and an average 5-star rating from over 4,500 buyers. The front of the card says “You are the best pop!” With an illustration of two pop pies. The inside of the card, meanwhile, is blank with space for your personal note. MudsplashStudios also has a plethora of other fun Father’s Day cards, including this one with a ‘grape’ pun.

Hallmark Star Wars Father’s Day Card

For the father figure who always quotes “Star Wars,” consider this card, which has an average 4.8-star rating from over 500 Amazon buyers. The card features a Darth Vader design on the outside and the inside reads: “Happy Father’s Day to a man bringing order to his corner of the galaxy.” Truly, the Force is strong with you. Hallmark also sells two other Star Wars cards: one with an illustration of Darth Vader and another with Yoda.

Funny American Greetings Father’s Day Card

Garnering an average 4.8-star rating from over 260 Amazon shoppers, this fun Father’s Day card says “US Dad Certified Prime Choice” on the front. Inside, the American greeting card reads, “No infill. No preservative. Just 100% love for an awesome dad on Father’s Day.

American greetings A tribute for Father’s Day

American Greetings also offers a collection of electronic Father’s Day cards that you can send virtually. Each card is made up of an animated and personalized video. A major attraction of these electronic cards is the possibility of personalizing them as you wish. Each card has a field to add a personal message – and if you need help finding the right words, the website provides some recommendations.

Papyrus Father’s Day Classic Car Greeting Card

Printed on metallic paper, this glossy Father’s Day card features a retro-inspired sports car and reads “Happy Father’s Day” on the front. Inside, the card says, “Classic, cool and just the best… you deserve a fantastic day. “

Big Dot of Happiness We Love Dad Giant Greeting Card

Celebrate Father’s Day big with this massive greeting card, which measures 24 inches by 18 inches. The front of the card reads “Happy Father’s Day, Dad” and the inside reads “Best Dad Ever” with plenty of blank space on the left side for handwriting personal messages.

Papyrus dad in chief fathers day card

This 5×7 inch card features a presidential seal depicting an eagle with hammer and spatula. On the outside it is written “Father in chief, head of the family” while on the inside it is written: “All of you greet the greatest father in the world!” Happy Father’s Day. “

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