118 women were killed by their spouse in 2022 in France

The new report from the French Ministry of the Interior, published on Saturday, shows 118 violent deaths of women at the hands of their spouse or ex-spouse, and 27 deaths of men, in 2022. A figure that is almost stable compared to the last year.

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In France, 118 women were killed in 2022 by their spouse or ex-spouse, four fewer compared to 2021, according to the report on “violent deaths within the couple” published on Saturday September 2 by the Ministry of Interior.

According to this study, 145 violent deaths within couples were recorded in 2022, including 118 women and 27 men (+6 compared to 2021), almost the same total as the previous year (143). On average, a feminicide occurs every three days in France.

Sharp increase in attempted marital murders

The study also notes a sharp increase in attempted homicides within couples (+45%), with 366 incidents (including 267 female victims) recorded in 2022 compared to 251 in 2021.

“The typical profile of the author has not changed. He is predominantly male (84%), most often in a relationship, of French nationality, aged 30 to 49 and not or no longer engaged in professional activity. “, summarizes the Ministry of the Interior. The female victims (81%) are most often of French nationality, aged 30 to 49 and unemployed.

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Of the 118 feminicides, 37 women had already suffered violence by their spouse or ex-spouse before their death, 24 of them had reported the facts to the police, 16 of whom had filed a complaint.

One of the victims had a serious danger telephone allowing the rapid intervention of the police thanks to a pre-programmed button and, for two others, their spouse or ex-spouse was the subject of judicial supervision.

Arguments and refusal to separate

The argument (26%) and the refusal to separate (23%) remain the main motives for taking action. The majority of crimes are committed at the home of the couple, the victim or the perpetrator (87%), without premeditation, mainly with a bladed weapon (43%) or a firearm (20%).

The departments which recorded the most incidents are the North (seven female victims and two male victims), the Alpes-Maritimes and the Rhône (five female victims each), then Seine-Saint-Denis (four female victims and one male).

As in 2021, 12 minor children died in the family sphere, victims of infanticide.

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