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11-year-old girl honored for heroic act to save brother trapped in burning Charlotte apartment

An 11-year-old girl in Charlotte is being honored for her heroic actions which firefighters say saved the life of her 6-year-old brother.

Tyshala Wilson says she has a lot of fears.

“I have to say I was afraid of a lot of things. I’m afraid of spiders, snakes and more. It’s a little hard to say I haven’t been scared before, ”Tyshala said.

‘The house is on fire, help’, 11-year-old girl calls for help as she and her brother are trapped inside a burning Charlotte apartment

But when her mother’s apartment caught fire in March, she knew she couldn’t let fear stop her from saving her brother’s life.

“It was the fact that I saw my brother cry and scream. This moment made me feel like he was more in danger than I was. So it started then, like I had to do something for him, ”Tyshala said.

Tyshala says that upon entering the kitchen and seeing the flames, she was scared but knew she just had to join her brother.

“I got scared and ran back to my room and protected my brother as far and as fast as I could,” Tyshala said.

Firefighters say Tyshala took her brother to a room away from the fire, closed the door to protect them from the flames and called 911.

“She knew she needed to call 911. She knew she needed to get her brother to safety,” said firefighter Amy Rea.

Firefighters Amy Rea and Christie Russell taught fire safety to Tyshala’s third grade class in 2019. Tyshala was able to use what she learned during this training to save her and her brother’s life.

“It went pretty well. My brother is running at school right now, happy with his friends and everyone, ”Tyshala said.

Their house was badly damaged, but what is important is that thanks to Tyshala’s courage, the firefighters were able to save her and her brother from the burning apartment.

“I just have to say if I wasn’t here right now my mom would be in tears. My grandmother would cry and it would be a never-ending nightmare, ”Tyshala said.

But on Wednesday, instead of tears, Tyshala’s mother was all smiles as her brave daughter received the Heroism Award from the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshal and Insurance Commissioner. North Carolina.

“Our communication received the call via a child inside the apartment,” Charlotte Fire Captain Dennis Gist said. “There were two children inside the apartment. The child stayed on the phone with our dispatchers, gave instructions as to where they were on the second floor.

“When we arrived the older child allowed her brother to go down the ladder first and she also closed the doors to keep the smoke and any harmful substances from getting to where they were,” Gist said. .

It’s something, as the captain said, a hero would do.

“The child is a hero,” Gist said. “This kid did a great job and helped save lives today.”

Officials said most of the damage was isolated in one apartment. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but no injuries have been reported.

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