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11% of unvaccinated Americans blame Trump for new wave of COVID-19, poll finds

Donald trump Andy Jacobsohn / AFP / Getty Images

Americans massively blame the unvaccinated for surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations as Delta variant sweeps across the United States, a Axes/ Ipsos poll published Tuesday morning found. Overall, 58% of those polled blamed unvaccinated adults for the new wave of COVID-19, 32% blamed people from other countries traveling to the United States, and 28% blamed former President Donald Trump.

Corn Axes and Ipsos also split the results between vaccinated and unvaccinated respondents, and things got a little weird. Almost 80 percent of vaccinated respondents blamed the unvaccinated for the new wave of COVID-19, but 10 percent of unvaccinated respondents did so too. Trump was singled out by 36% of vaccinated respondents but also by 11% of unvaccinated adults. The unvaccinated were more likely to blame foreign visitors (37%), the mainstream media (27%), Americans traveling abroad (23%), and President Biden (21%). A third of vaccinated adults blamed the conservative media.

“The results reveal a surreal gap between the views of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, showing how difficult it can be to achieve collective immunity,” he added. Axes said, but also “provide further evidence that warrants could make a difference.” When asked of unvaccinated respondents what would prompt them to get the vaccine, only one in three said a requirement from their employer would work, Axes said. “But that was the highest response among a series of hypothetical incentives that also included a raise, bonus or paid time off, or the requirement to get vaccinated to attend sporting events or concerts or to board a plane or train. “

“We are currently facing a serious wall of disinformation that obscures the facts” for a “recalcitrant group,” said Cliff Young, president of Ipsos US Public Affairs. “The only way to reach them if you want to reach them are tough policies, tough mandates.”

the Axes/ Ipsos Poll surveyed a nationally representative sample of 999 adults from July 30 to August 3, and the survey sampling error margin for the entire sample is ± 3.3 percentage points. Respondents were told they could choose as many blame targets as they wanted.

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