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10 km radius: which accessible beaches near you in Brittany?  – Brittany

What to do this weekend in Brittany? If the weather is nice, you might want to plan a trip to the beach. Unfortunately, since April 3, travel has been limited due to the third confinement. Impossible to go beyond the radius of 10 km around your home without derogatory reason.

But good news: unlike the first confinement, the beaches remain open this time. They still need to be located within the 10 km radius around your home to be able to take advantage of them.

The list of beaches available to you

To find out if you can access a beach or a body of water in Brittany, the application Beaches in Brittany du Telegramme will give you the answer.

It’s very simple: indicate the name of your municipality in the box provided for this purpose and click on the “Find a beach” button. The application automatically calculates the beaches and bodies of water included in the radius of 10 km.

Application display problem? Click here

Indirectly, the application will be able to tell you if it is also possible for you to practice water activities. These remain authorized on condition that the starting and finishing points of the activities are within the 10 km radius (once on board, no distance limit at sea is imposed).

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