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1-year-old boy dead, 3 other children hospitalized after incident at Bronx daycare

1 child dead, 3 others hospitalized after incident at Bronx daycare

1 child dead, 3 others hospitalized after incident at Bronx daycare


NEW YORK — A 1-year-old boy has died and three other children were rushed to a local hospital after an incident Friday at a Bronx daycare.

We are told that the daycare teachers took the children a nap on Friday afternoon and that some of them did not wake up.

Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but law enforcement sources tell us first responders administered Narcan to the babies and it worked for at least one of them.

The Divino Niño daycare became a crime scene on Friday. A worker called EMS to the Morris Avenue daycare shortly before 3 p.m. to say several babies were unresponsive.

“The door was open. The kids were there, laying down,” witness Mel Ramirez said.

Ramirez lives in the building and went outside when she heard the worker screaming for help.

“And she started saying the kids were dying and then I saw one of the kids laying down and he wasn’t responding and then the lady came out with the other kid trying to do it react, but he didn’t respond.”, Ramírez said.

Four children were rushed to hospital, some in cardiac arrest.

A one-year-old boy died. Two 2-year-old boys and an 8-month-old girl are still receiving treatment.

“It was very horrible. I wish I never saw it,” Ramirez said.

The FDNY tested for carbon monoxide and ruled it out.

Sources tell us investigators tested the formula for fentanyl, but the results came back negative.

“Brand new floors, state of the art, you know, beautiful location, nice people,” said neighbor Anna Ortiz-Irving.

The daycare just opened this year.

CBS New York investigative reporter Tim McNicholas found that it was inspected last week and the Office of Children and Family Services found no violations at the time.

“Everything was spotless,” Ortiz-Irving said.

The police question a daycare worker.

At least one baby remains in critical condition; the other two are stable.

Sources tell us Friday’s scene was so devastating that first responders who were on scene were offered counseling.


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